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About Us


The Juneteenth Expo is an organization established in 2017--we serve and promote the local community and showcase small organizations & artists in various fields of service during our events. As children of the African Diaspora, African-American, and Indigenous persons Juneteenth is a very important date to our team.  It represents an open door into free thinking without prejudice and an omission, whether willing or unwilling, of wrongs from an oppressed culture. It represents the start of good decisions concerning recognition of humanity through a lens other than that of fear and lack of understanding. It validates what the enslaved knew all along--they are human.  


The Juneteenth Expo strives to unite surrounding communities with an atmosphere of Educational fellowship, family-fun, and amazing cuisines prepared by professional chefs. We are dedicated to giving attendees the very best in order to promote self-worth, business ventures, unsung skills, and charity. It was only right that we paired this passion with our culture and heritage unashamedly in deep south Alabama. The contributions African-Americans and formerly enslaved persons have made in the fabric of society, despite being less than 160 years removed from captivity, is a site to behold.


Through participation, awareness, and competitive measures, Tri-State Expo Juneteenth Affairs, Inc. utilizes the tools of networking and social media to establish success! Every aspect of this annual event is dedicated to exposing the past, celebrating the present, and leaping towards the future.  What we do is different, multi-dimensional, and phenomenal--just the same as the cultural aspects of our incredible communities within the Tri-State area.  We look forward to continuing to raise awareness to the damaging effects of slavery,  the beauty of our talented & ingenious people, and showing the diversity of a complex south!

Thank You


Hello Valued Patron,


Thank you for visiting our site today! As we can continue to spotlight beauty, awareness, food, wellness, and family, which can be artistic expression in its many forms, we aim to create win-wins for our communities by bringing discovered and undiscovered talent together for success!

Our focus for the Tri-State Expo Juneteenth Celebration & Parade is layered and multi-faceted:


• Spotlight Our Own Hidden Figures within the Tri-State Area. Individuals who have made Historical Contributions to the Area in the Field of Service, Visual Arts, and Media.


• Provide the Citizens of the Tri-State Area with Knowledge Regarding the African Diaspora and an Understanding about Juneteenth Origins in Galveston, TX,


• Spotlight African American and Other Small Business Owners, Culinary Artists, Visual Artists, and Performing Artists in the Tri-State Area.


• Provide Educational Scholarships and Community Grant Opportunities to Deserving Youth.


We Wish to Thank All Individuals Because Your Support Assists Us in Completing Our Aspirations. 



Mrs. Reynolds


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