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 Juneteenth Parade
Terms and Conditions

Parade lineup will begin at 9:00 a.m., on June 1, 2024 and will step off at 10:00 a.m.
and will march through downtown make a left onto St Andrew Street and/or Disperse from Old Columbia Hwy.

 The parade entry does not have to relate to a Juneteenth Theme, but to entertain, inform and amuse the audience. Entrants comprised of children of all ages are also encouraged and appropriately themed floats are preferred and given precedence over all others.
Entry fees are non-refundable. Entry fees will only be returned if the applicant is not 
accepted for participation.
• The Parade Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any application for 
• The parade will go on rain or shine; however, if EMA states severe weather conditions, parade will be rescheduled.
• The Juneteenth Parade Committee will evaluate applications based on the quality of the 
applicant’s Juneteenth theme, the nature of the applicant’s entertainment or 
amusement, and the aspects of culture addressed by the 
applicant. Preference will be given to applications that include a float. The bed of 
a pick-up truck/trailer of a big rig will be allowed as a float.
• Entries must observe all applicable rules and regulations, State and Local laws,
and follow all instructions from police and parade officials. The Parade 
Committee and parade officials assume no liability for any damage to floats, 
vehicles, or for any injuries or damage due to the errors, acts or omissions of parade entrants or spectators. A spacing of 15-20 feet between entrants will be 
• Horses are permitted. Other pets are encouraged and must be leashed and kept under 
control at all times, per Sec10-141 & 10-114(4,5) City of Dothan Ordinance. Cleaning up after animals is the immediate responsibility of 
the handler, not event sponsors or volunteers.

• Entrants in the parade are prohibited from:

o Any presentation or representation deemed immoral by the Parade 
o The drinking or simulated drinking of alcohol
o Participants under the influence of alcohol
o Firecrackers and or any other explosive device.
o Profanity on attire, signs, banners, or audio will not be permitted
o No working and or loaded Firearms are allowed; no prop and costume
style weapons/replicas. This section does not apply to sworn law 
enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties.
• Stunts, vehicle burnouts or any activities that endanger the crowd or entrants are 
strictly forbidden and grounds for permanent ban from the parade.

 This section does not apply to event sponsors. 
• Violations of any rule may result in the immediate removal of the entrant from the 
parade and ban from future participation.
• The following limits apply for all entrants:
o Car Clubs limited to 3 entries (total of 20 vehicles per club)
o Motorcycle Clubs limited to 3 entries (total of 20 vehicles per club)
o Clown Groups limited to 4 entries
o Horses will be permitted. This section does not apply to event sponsors.
o Skating/Bicycling Groups limited to 4 separate entries
o Majorettes/Baton Groups/Dance Teams limited to 5 entries
o Historical Reenactor Groups limited to 6 (preference will be given to Juneteenth themed groups)
o Beauty Pageant Winners limited to 20 entries
o First Responders and members of Law Enforcement are allowed to 
participate as the Parade Committee deems appropriate.
o In evaluating applicants, the Parade Committee will seek to avoid 
redundancy in entrants and will take into consideration the number of 
individual participants proposed for an entrant.

Anyone disobeying any rule will be removed from the parade immediately. Additionally, 
the entire entrant could be removed at the discretion of Parade officials. 
Your unit must appear as described and accepted in your application. Any unauthorized 
changes or additions (including additional vehicles, and/or parade participants) to your 
accepted application may cause disqualification of your unit prior to the start of the Parade 
and result in a ban from participating in future DRI events.
Any walking entrants should be aware that the street could have some residual dirt or 
debris and should take any and all precautions necessary.
All animals that are a part of an entry must be controlled and kept a minimum of 6 feet 
from bystanders at all times. 
Parade Awards: All participants are encouraged to check in at the Information tent in the parking lot of United Christian Fellowship Church

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