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An amazing play written by Dr. Lamesa Danzey will be performed at the Dothan Civic Center at 6:00PM


All ticket holders will receive wrist bands that will give them access to food demonstrations inside the Dothan Civic Center. Contact Dothan Civic Center Box Office  for details


Marching band drummers perform in school

Juneteenth Parade starts at 10:00AM 


Bell Ringing began the call to Freedom

Church Bells

Three Extroidinary Chefs

Exquisite food demonstrations!


Get in line for Yummy Juneteenth Cuisine 

Purchase your $35 ticket today IN support of JUNETEENTH and see Dr. Danzeys' "From His Prison Bed to Yours"  at no additional cost.

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Three Years in a row, Best Female Fashion Designer - N.F.H Association  


Daphania Adams