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The Miss Juneteenth Pageant is ready to continue the tradition with this year's competition. Represent your community and family by becoming a contestant today! Only graduating class of 2025 (currently in the 11th grade) are eligible to apply. For more eligibility requirements, and the application please scroll down. 

Miss Juneteenth Pageant Registration Form

2024 Miss Juneteenth Registration Information

The Early Registration fee is $0.00, which is payable at the time the registration form is submitted.  February 20, 2024, Late Registration fee is $0.00, and payable at the time of registration.  Final Registration Deadline is March 2, 2024, and Late Registration fee will be $0.00. The registration fee covers the cost of participation for the contestant, including workshops/activities, reception, the "RoyalTea Luncheon", and the 2024 Miss Juneteenth Pageant Giftbags. The registration fee does not cover any lodging or travel fees, which is the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or sponsors. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable. There are no exceptions! 

Pageant Catergory

Welcome to Miss Juneteenth

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